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  • Are your products organic?
    Yes! Our organic products are derived from 100% naturally sourced ingredients. The main ingredients are Rock Phosphate (natural mineral), Kelp (from Canadian fresh-water lakes), Digested Vegetable Meal (soy beans) and Citric Acid (lemon juice). Ultra Transplant 5-15-5 and I-Root series are inorganic as they have Indole-3-butyric Acid.
  • Is your Dog Spot Prevent safe for dogs?
    Yes! Your dog will be attracted to it though because many of our ingredients are similar to or the same as the fillers used in many dog foods. After you apply Evolve Organic Dog Spot to your lawn, water the applied areas so help the granules make their way down to the surface of the soil making it more difficult for your dog to get to (and to help put the nutrients into action faster!). Organic Dog Spot Prevent doesn't have any salts or harmful chemicals so your dog can go out onto your lawn after watering.
  • Where are you located?
    Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada!
  • Where can I find your products?
    You can order from our online store or check your local Lawn and Garden Center. For a list of Garden Centers across Canada that carry our products, hover your mouse over "Shop Online" in the menu bar then click on "Retailers".
  • What is your return policy?
    We have a 90-day full return policy! 100% money back guarantee on all our products!
  • Do you offer Free Shipping?
    Free Shipping on orders over $100 within Canada is our standard policy.
  • I live near Stonewall, Manitoba. Can I pick my order up to avoid the shipping cost?
    You bet! Give Sheldon a call at 204-894-4495 to make arrangements. Please note that we aren't a retail location so pick up time options will vary depending on the season.
  • Do you ship outside of Canada?
    Yes, shipping rates are calculated at checkout.
  • How do you calculate shipping?
    Our standard shipping is calculated based on the product weight and destination in accordance with Canada Post rates. Freight starts at $7, and increases by $4-$10 every 1-8kg of weight added.
  • Are there any Promo Codes available?
    Promo Codes come and go. Check our website and social media sites for current promotions.
  • I can't find the right size for the product I want.
    No worries, if you would like a certain product, but not the sizes available online, contact us and we can create a specialty size for you! Most of our liquids can be made in 500ml, 1L and 10L sizes Most of our granular formulas can be made in 900gm, 2kg, 2.5kg, 10kg and 50lb totes.
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