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Blood Meal

  • Who needs Nitrogen!

    • 12-0-0 
    • 2 kg
    • Granular fertilizer
    • Re-sealable bag with gusseted bottom so it will stand


    Evolve Organic Blood Meal contains 1% iron to darken and deepen the color of your plants.  Use our Blood Meal on all outdoor plants, garden areas, bulbs, trees and shrubs for a rich, healthy colour!

    It's easy to grow organic :)

    Bulbs - place 1/4 cup into hole prior to placement of bulb and water

    Trees & Shrubs - place 1/2 cup into hole when transplanting, place tree/shrub on top, add water.             

    Existing Trees and Shrubs - place 1/2 cup at base of plant and water immediately. 

    Garden Area - Spread entire bag over 250sqft of garden area.  Mix into soil where possible, water immediately.  

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