Bloom Enhancer

Bloom Enhancer

EVOLVE Organic Bloom Enhancer fertilizer is clear in color and is derived from bat guano and citric acid.  Along with the additional calcium, the major nutrient in EVOLVE Bloom Enhancer is phosphorus which is key for cell division and flower/fruit production.​ 

​Use EVOLVE Organic Bloom Enhancer along with your other EVOLVE products to enhance flower and fruit development. It's easy to grow organic!
  • Details

    • 0-4-0 with 1.4% Calcium
    • Liquid fertilizer in a 1L bottle with a flip top trap cap (think ketchup!)
    • Size: 1L concentrate
    • Rate: 5ml / 1L of water
    • Larger sizes available, contact us!

​Dirt n' Grow was established in 2011 and is owned and operated in Manitoba by a small town boy who is passionate about organics.  He named the company after his kids (Davis and Gillian) and his hope is to help Growers evolve to affordable, chemical-free growing with his creation of the EVOLVE line of Organic Fertilizers.

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