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Hanging Basket & Container Gardening

  • Fertilize and forget about it!

    • 8-4-5 with 2.5% Calcium
    • Granular Fertilizer
    • Available sizes:  900g and 2kg
    • 2kg size is in a re-sealable bag with gusseted bottom so it will stand
    • Larger sizes available, contact us!


    Evolve Organic Slow Release Hanging Basket and Container fertilizer will last up to 3 months after application.  It is derived from Feather Meal, Bone Meal, Sulphate of Potash and organic certified Wheat.​​

    ​Just add Evolve's Hanging Basket and Container and forget about it!


    It's easy to grow organic :)



    New Soil

    • Mix 1 cup of EVOLVE Slow Release with every 1 gallon of new soil (best results!)

    Existing potted plants

    • Sprinkle thin layer over surface of soil

    Bedding plants

    • 2 kg will cover 250sqft
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