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  • Holy Tomato!

    • 3-2-2 with 0.7% Calcium
    • Concentrated liquid fertilizer
    • Mix rate: 5ml / 1L of water
    • Available sizes: 1L and 10L 
    • 1L bottles have a flip top trap cap (think ketchup!)
    • 10L option only sold as a case of 2 ($129.99 each)


    Evolve Organic Tomato fertilizer is derived from Digested Vegetable Meal, Rock Phosphate, Citric Acid and Kelp Meal.  It also supplies .8% immediately available Calcium to your Tomato plant to help prevent the onset of blossom end rot. ​

    Evolve Organic Tomato fertilizer will have you and all your friends saying "Holy Tomato!".


    It's easy to grow organic :)

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