​​​​​​O r g a n i c    F e r t i l i z e r​​

Responsible plant nutrients with amazing results.

​You shouldn't have to pay more to be green

so we've created a line of Organic Fertilizers

that are affordable and they perform!


Each one of our Organic Fertilizers has been carefully formulated to meet your specific growing needs

and at Dirt n' Grow, we keep our costs low so everyone can make a healthy and responsible choice.


EVOLVE is simple to use and it works.   Switch to Organic growing today!

Organic Commercal Fertilizer for crops

We have over 29 years

of experience in the Commercial Growing Industry and are ready 

to discuss how you can

grow organically

with EVOLVE Organic Fertilizer.


  It's easy to grow organic!​


There is an

EVOLVE Organic Fertilizer

for everything from starting your seedlings, to growing your food,

to enhancing your blooms,

to repairing and greening your lawn.

It's easy to grow organic!


Cannabis and other specialty indoor Growers who grow

with a soil-less medium or hydroponically are having huge success with EVOLVE Organic Fertilizer's 3 Part System. 


It's easy to grow organic

​Dirt n' Grow was established in 2011 and is owned and operated in Manitoba by a small town boy who is passionate about organics.  He named the company after his kids (Davis and Gillian) and his hope is to help Growers evolve to affordable, chemical-free growing with his creation of the EVOLVE line of Organic Fertilizers.

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